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GREC Selects New Commissioner
Gwen Fulcher Young, Chair of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, announced in July that the Commission has selected Jeffrey T. Ledford as Georgia's new Real Estate Commissioner. The Real Estate Commissioner serves as the executive officer of the Commission and the Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board. In that capacity Mr. Ledford will oversee the day to day operations of the Commission and the Appraisers Board.  READ MORE
New Broker Course
Become a Broker or Associate Broker
In October, AREA will debut a new course for elevating your real estate sales license. The all new 60-hour Broker Course, taught by Dick Viti, will satisfy the GREC education requirements for licensure as a Georgia broker or associate broker. Advancing your license is an excellent way to increase your knowledge, secure your future, and to add prestige to your real estate credentials.
USPAP 2008 Update
Get Your CE in Sync with the AQB!
Warning! Don't take USPAP this year if you can avoid it. AQB recent changes should make you rethink your schedule for taking the USPAP Update course. If you can postpone taking the 7-hr Update course until next year - do it. If you have already taken it in 2007, you will want to take again in 2008 to synchronize your USPAP Update cycle with the AQB. Here's why.
Cruising for Some CE?
Last issue AREA announced a fun way to satisfy real estate or appraisal requirements, CE At Sea - Cruising to the Western Caribbean! Because of the great deal many students grabbed balcony cabins but asked for more. Okay, how about two different classes to gain a full 12 Real Estate CE hours, or 14 Appraisal CE hours (7hrs USPAP)!
NACHI Events
Wonder what is happening around you that would aide in your professional development as an Inspector and increase business? Become involved with your local NACHI chapter and consider attending additional events sponsored by nearby chapters.
GA MLS New Pricing
FREE Websites
On August 1, 2007 Georgia MLS changed its fee structure. Initiation and monthly access fees for appraiser offices are eliminated. They have also added a feature to provide free customized agent websites. As an appraiser who is already a real estate salesperson this may not affect you. Contact GA MLS as well as FMLS that your real estate licensee information is on file as it may affect your account charging you higher fees or worse, have your lock box key inactivated. Real estate agents can benefit immediately from the FREE website.
Caution on FHA Appraisals!
FHA Changes
Caution FHA Appraisers!FHA has made it easier than ever to get on its approved appraiser roster. There are no special courses required and the FHA has eliminated the examination fee by incorporating a ten question "open book" exam as part of the application form. If you are a licensed or certified appraiser and can copy and paste the answers to the ten questions, you can be approved to appraise residential properties for FHA financing.
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Technology Corner
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